Thursday, September 19, 2013


I hate updating you guys in long posts. I hate it. I want you to know what's been going on, but at the same time, I want to blog about random stuff that I find interesting--those are, by far, my favorite posts. And since I don't blog enough anymore to fit in random posts about cats and John Green, this appears to be problematic. So, here's a list of of what I did in Chicago last week, just to give you a vague idea:

  1. Met Rhett after his boot camp graduation and hung out
  2. Dipped my toes into Lake Michigan (a tornado chased us off the beach)
  3. Toured the Field Museum
  4. Saw beluga whales at Shedd Aquarium
  5. Saw Van Gogh paintings for the first time in real life at The Art Institute 
  6. Went to the Museum of Science and Industry
  7. Rode the subway and Metra (it was awesome seeing into the little lives of the other passengers and imagine what it was like living in their heads)
  8. Ate deep dish pizza
  9. Took an architecture tour on the river, learning about all the famous downtown Chicago buildings
  10. Navy Pier, guys
  11. Visited Cloud Gate, otherwise known as The Bean
  12. Drove to Hannibal, Missouri and learned all about Mark Twain at his own museum

Thursday, September 12, 2013

An Update

Hi guys! I'm in Chicago for the next week for my sixteenth birthday trip, and also to go to my sister's Boyfriend's Navy graduation-thing (I might mention that he joined the Navy the other month. Woops).

It was a 15 hour drive yesterday. We left at 4am and got to our friend's house around 8pm. After having chocolate cake, I crashed on someone's bed and awoke this morning very sick. I took some medicine and I'm feeling better now, so don't worry about me.

Anyway, that's what's been happening the past few days. Here, have some inspiring photos or something:

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Summer Update

It's been awhile, I know. Sorry, I was just out doing stuff and so I didn't feel the pressing urge to write about it. Plus, I sort of got out of the habit of writing anything this summer, whether it be blog posts, or journal entries, or lonely books...

Anyway. I'm back now, and that's all that matters. Somewhat. 

So, what have I been up to since Discovery Days?

For one, the fair was a huge timesucker. I must have prepared up to a month in advance for the fair, mostly training my horses and goats, and tending my garden. I did realllyyy well this year--for one, I got second place in the fair queen pageant! I meant to blog about it, as fair queen-type stuff is a nice size of this blog. But, alas, I was off doing summery things, like visiting my boyfriend and the like. 

Also, I was a counselor at several camps this year, including one called Lakeside. My friend/avid blog reader was also there, and I had the funnest time being a counselor ever. I know it's all about the kids, but sometimes they don't rely on you and you have a bit of downtime. It's good to have awesome people to talk to about books, fanfic (Dramione forever), and other nerdy stuff durng the dry parts.

Recently my family has been selling baked goods in an effort to raise enough money so Hope, Mom and I can go to Chicago to see Hope's boyfriend, Rhett. He recently joined the Navy and will be graduating from boot camp soon. How exciting! I can't wait to see him again... it's been nearly two months since we last said goodbye.

 This was a cheesecake Hope and I made. I'm sure it tasted delicious, although I can't say.

 We'll be selling other baked goods too, so I'll have to keep you guys posted. 

School is starting up again soon, which means that I will be getting the house to myself again. I really do enjoy having a quiet house in the afternoons before my siblings get home. It's peaceful, and the cats also come out more, because they don't have to worry about getting harassed by little hands. 

I'll be a sophomore this year, and I'm sure it'll be a tough school year. I'm ready to get started next week. 

So, how have you guys been? Missed me much?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Discovery Days: a List and Swing Dancing

Hello guys (I think "guys" has become the official name for my readers). Tonight is--was--the last full day of Discovery Days. This was perhaps the funnest, most entertaining D Days so far. In a list I shall describe what I liked about today:

  1. Friends... Stop rolling your eyes at me, Mr. Without friends I would have a miserable time at this camp
  2. There was a western dance after all... I'd gone all week thinking there would be no swing/ western dance this year. Everyone was disappointed, an so I think they hired an extra dj last minute to host the swing dance. I had a lot of fun dancing with several people, although I'm ashamed to say I couldn't do much more than two step.
  3. The water wars... I got totally soaked this afternoon at the water war, hosted in front of Weber Hall on the lawn. It was fun because it was really hot out; what's a better way to cool off than with sponges and gallons of water?
  4. Have I mentioned the t shirts?... They're red this year, which is wonderful. They've got a match on the front and a vaguely Dr. Seuss-like quality to the titling, "find your spark"

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Discovery Days: The Improv Team

Hey there, guys. Things are going pretty well here at Discovery Days 2013. It is te end of my second day, and I'm loving nearly every minute of it.

What's to suck?

The fun run was completely cancelled due to rain and thunderstorms. My K-State veterinary school tour was cancelled and we went to the zoo instead (UGH. On the bright side, I got to touch a tiger pelt and a lazy armadillo). The meals are horrendous.

Still, best year yet. So far.

So what's there to like?

First and foremost, the improv team performance was AMAZING. It was like going to see a live episode of Whose Line is it Anyway, except without Colin Mockery or Wayne Brady. One of the girls was melodramatic and at best mehh, but the rest of the team was great and they acted out sketches with creativity and witty lines

Another great part about today was my duct tape class, in which I made a pair of purple shoes. They look like bags, but they're super comfortable and water proof, and I spent two hours making them, so of course I'm proud of them.

The new friends are an exciting bunch. The old friends are numerous and are awesome as always. One of my friends will be trying out for the talent how tomorrow, so I'm hoping they make it so I have a reasonable excuse to go to the talent show this year. 

... Well, maybe "just watching" still works.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Discovery Days: the Dance and Friends

// warning: this post throws you straight at my life with little to no exlanation and and so I suggest you read through my archives before reading if you haven't already

Hey guys! I am writing this post from the shambly wifi connection of an even shamblier dorm... Where, you may ask, am I?


That's right, folks. I'm in Manhatten right now at my favorite camp o the year.

Already, on just the first day, I've made several friends and talked to old ones. There was a dance this evening, and I danced--very awkwardly-- with a group of about six people, all of whom were shoddier dancers than I was. We were having great fun until the fire alarm went off and all five hundred kids at the dance had to evacuate the building and sit out on the steps. The firemen actually came, and it was determined that some punk-ass kid hadn't pulled the fire alarm; there was an honest fire blazing in the Union.

Luckily they put it out before the firemen came and hauled themselves up on the roof with a ladder I'd only ever seen folded neatly on top the great red engine. Also, in Curious George books.

Then we sat over the fountain and played cards. This boy named Dennis had brought the cards. I met him last year at Discovery Days 2012 and we were well acquainted (this is for another post, but last year I played a two hour long game of Pterodactyl with him and another guy named Andrew. One gets lots of bonding experience with friends while playing Pterodactyl). We played a game called Liar that I'd learned at The Autumn Camp.

Then, we watched the fire department climb onto the roof. There's a certain beauty to firefighting that I'd never realized until tonight, and it's that firemen are the bravest men on the planet. I watched as this one fireman climbed the long, extended ladder, several feet over the nearest full-grown. Tree. The ladder swayed and creaked, but the fireman persisted.

"I love heights," said David, a tall, brown-haired senior had told me. "I'd love to do that."

I shivered and rubbed my shoulders, unable to watch. "I couldn't stand it." and then I shivered again for emphasis.

David laughed softly. "A lot of people say that."

"Well, they're right. Gosh, that guy up there is so brave." I'd said it as though I hadn't a clue that firemen were supposed to be brave, that written somewhere in some dusty archive it detailed bravery as a job requirement. David gave me a strange look, and it had slowly dawned on me then that I was a moron.

Then, when the firefighters had packed up and left, we went back inside to dance. From the speakers, "Shorty fire burning on the dance floor (somebody call 911)" was playing. Ironically.

Not even thirty minutes later, our extension agent came in to tell us we had to leave, because we were switching dorm rooms. Why? It smelled like a big sweaty man in the hallways and rooms, and both the floors and walls were soaking wet. I bid a hasty goodbye to my friends and came back to the dorm.

Gosh, it's soooo sketchy, this whole dorm building. People paint K-State as a whole being quite clean and a wonderful place for nurture meant and growth. I love this college more than anything else in Kansas, and yet I know that not all of K-State is beauty; there are hallways that smell like mildew/tube socks, and dances that get postponed due to fire alarms.

Despite this, I feel like I'm home.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Yay! Lists!

Okay, so as of now my computer is still broken. No worries, without it I've been getting along famously. Here is a list, because new readers should know I like making lists, of what I've been up to for the past few days.

  1. Planted a garden 
  2. Rode horses
  3. Chicken type stuff
  4. Called the bf
  5. General landscaping of the yard
  6. Learned how to mow
  7. Built a drip line irrigation system built by myself--well, THIS year
  8. Read three books
  9. Fan art!
  10. Picked up my room (finally)
  11. Saw the new Star Trek... Benedict is delectably evil in this movie, ehehehe