Saturday, December 31, 2011


In the spirit of better blogging, I've decided that each week, I'll post blog post things about different topics.

So that means that week one is: THE MANGO!

My friend (I use friend loosely, as Jackson Pearce doesn't really know me) Jackson is here to show you how to cut a mango--I'd show you myself, but I'll be gone for all of today and most of tomorrow. But yes, I did get some mangos yesterday, so... I don't know. Fruit goes bad, so that means that we have to eat them this week. But for now, ciao!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Spark and New Template

 Hey guys!

(Or should I say: Hello, Avi, as you're the only one who reads this blog besides my mom.)

I've been busy the past few months, stalking Tumblr, joining Twitter, moving (yep! I moved), writing a darn novel...

And look at that beautiful book cover I got! It looks [bad word] AMAZING!! So awesome I made the photo extra large!

Right now I feel as though I need to slam the Pioneer Woman... but I can't figure out how to. Ermmm.......

Maybe I'll do it next time.

So you may have noticed  that my blog looks different. Yep, I changed it. Why? Because the old one looked really terrible, and I couldn't stand it any longer. So I changed it. I can do that, as this is my blog.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Disney's Pocahontas : Colors of the Wind : 1080p HDTV

I love this song. LOVE it. And the thing is, I didn't even know that I loved it, until like two days ago, when I was searching for some writing music.

I DO NOT own ANY of these Photos, so don't fine me, please.

Here's a blog post, with pictures straight from Pinterest.

I hate Rebecca Black's Friday, too, but we don't have to express it so plainly.

 I seriously didn't know that other people did this, until I came across it. Then I was like, 'WOAH! NO WAY!'

 No comment needed.

 This photo reminded me a lot about Tangled, how the king and queen would set off hundreds of lanterns hoping that one day Rapunzel would return to them.

How many times has my Dad had to stop the car and fix the seat belt for us? A lot.

A lot a lot.

Like, so many times it's unacceptable.

I learned how to jump a car by the second time the faulty battery died, and I got pretty dang good at it, too. So I should have learned how to fix the stupid seat belt.

 Dr. Doofenshmirtz was raised by ocelots--just a little extra Jeopardy knowledge to know (by the way, I found out tonight that the kids in my family universally stink at jeopardy).

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tis The Season

Tis the season to be naughty
Fire-f-fire alarms-----
Tonight, tonight,

Don we now
heavy appraisals
Not really

Sorry it's been a long time since
I posted:
I-I've I've I've I've
I've been busy...
(stalking Tumblr)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Importance of Revision

Today I'm here (on my sister Ainsley's birthday), to preach to you the importance of revision.

Now, revision is the process of cleaning up your dirty, unwanted, filthy, vile, and otherwise unreadable manuscript, into something that other people besides your pet shark, Kenny, would want to read.

Revision is important for every author or aspiring author (ahem, me) out there.

No manuscript is perfect the first time out. If you thought J.K. Rowling just knocked out the Harry Potter series flawlessly, think again-- actually, she rewrote the first chapter of the first book eleven times before she thought it was worthy of publication.

Now, depending on how you revise, your manuscript can go either two ways: it can be a glossy, polished work of art (Harry Potter), or it can go down the drain and be a worthless piece of crud (The Maximum Ride series).

Let's go with the first scenario: The Harry Potter books are all flawless (depending on what you thought of Fred's death), seamlessly put together. That's why millions upon millions of people love them. They love the setting, the characters, the plot, and the subplots.

Harry Potter couldn't have wooed so many people on its first draft. No book can.

Now let's go with the second scenario: The Maximum Ride books are all confusing. Standing alone, they're okay. Put all three together, and you have a clown show. The plot changes three times in each of the novels, the back stories differ and change, also, and the plot itself is stupid.

This book had so much potential, so much going for it, and yet... it came up short. Short by a mile. James Patterson sold the book in its second draft-- that is, cleaned up a little so that the text is legible. And James Patterson can get away with it, because he is a published author. Published, esteemed authors can do whatever the hell they want.

Well, James Patterson lost a lot of my respect for him when I read that. If he didn't care enough about his book, to make it shine, like it needed to, then he shouldn't be published.

So anyway, do you see my point? Revision is important. Even though I do hate it with all get-out.