Hi! My name is Hannah, and if you've stumbled across my blog and am interested enough in it to look at my about page, then congrats! You're like the only one! (!!!!)

I live in a small town in Kansas, though I can't tell you where exactly because of some privacy stuff I had to agree to to get this blog (and, truthfully, I don't want any serial killers or creepy stalkers coming over to our house, either. Would you?). But I can tell you that I live in a small town in Kansas--Yay for 2.8 million other people hiding my exact location! Yay!

Um, I homeschool, and it's pretty fun. I feel my brain getting larger every day. Every single day.

I've written two complete novels so far (in their first drafts, but at least written through. Is written through the correct term? Hmmm....), but we'll see if they're good enough to get published. Well, that second complete novel wasn't good enough for me, so I'm rewriting it. We'll see, once it's done, if it's good enough for me then.

I'm currently working on three novels. One is a dystopian about two sisters and a hunter boy (well, this is sounding Hunger-Gamesy), another is a bout mermaids, and the last is about space, which you can read here. And mom, if you read it, you are not allowed to share it on the NFP Board.

And that's about it.