Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm in Love With The Moon

Last night I saw the moon and Jupiter (along with Jupiter's moons. There's quite a lot of them).

Of course, I have seen the moon and Jupiter before, but never up close and personal. If that's what you could call it, as the scope was jumbling around quite a lot in my unsteady, noodle-like arms who can't support a spotting-scope long enough for me to catch a good look at the glowing ball of light that is Jupiter.

However, I did manage to catch a pretty incredible look at the moon before my family packed up, climbed into our 2000 black Excursion and went home to watch the Oscars.

I can't even describe it, it was so lovely.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Last Half-Hour

If you're a long-time (it was only back last September!) reader of this blog, you'll remember that this is my dad's horse, Pesky Peso.

Okay, his name is only Peso. But it should have 'Pesky' before it.

This is him eating hay.

Peso likes to eat hay.

He's getting nice and round--but not fat. If I call him fat while he's listening, which is pretty much the only time when I call him fat, he pouts and hides in the corner of the pen.

He has low self-esteem.

Here's another picture that looks about the same, but more grainy, dark, and blurry. Notice that I have not pulled this photo into Photoshop and turned up the saturation to the top.


Not a bit.

Maybe, Ree, you should take a leaf out of my book, hmm?

Any-who, this is him eating.

This post has no plot.

Only to basically show off my dad's pretty, albeit round, horse.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Well, this is my first blogging award. I should feel honored, and surprised, and very, very excited. After all, this is an award, and should be treated as such.

Here we go:

1. Link to the blogger who gave you the award.

Musings From Neville's Navel 

 2. Share 7 things about yourself.

  1. My favorite mythical creature is the Tribek. (Inside joke! Yes!)
  2. I'm a human.
  3. I've been to Chicago twice.
  4. I live in Kansas.
  5. When I was in Kindergarten I told my teacher to 'hold her horses,' and I got in trouble.
  6.  I really, really want to move to a foreign country.
  7. I have a pet turtle named Neville. We're pretty sure it's a girl, but since she's gone by the name Neville for the past five to six years, she's still going by Neville. 
  3. Pass the award to 15 bloggers recently discovered.

I'm only going to pass it on to one person, because that makes the award much more special. 

I Wear Milk Crowns (Kimberley Karalius)

I really, really love this person. She writes such amazing novels. I'll link you to them here (but I must say that her story Boys and Bees is my favorite).

 Kimberley's Figment Page

 4. Notify the blogger recipients.

Haha! I already did this before the post was published!

Anyway, thank you, Neville, for giving me this award, and to Kim: I'm hoping against all hope that you haven't already been awarded this already.

Have a happy Friday, and as Rebecca Black would say:


Thursday, February 23, 2012

What I do on Thursdays.

This morning--like any morning--I was on my Twitter account. I get all of my news from Twitter, just FYI, so when my feed was full of tweets like this, I had to find out more.

I went to her official website and was surprised to find out that the people on Twitter were correct (they kill off countless people every day. Last week they killed Demi Moore--and she's not dead).

What I'm doing to respond to this:

Playing my violin.

All day.

On a Thursday.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

(Sorry for the crummy blog posts. I've newly discovered the program Paint on this Microsoft laptop, and I decided to try it out for awhile to see if I like it. This should blow over in about a month or so.)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hope (whose back has been hurting for a few days): Bending down hurts like Rebecca Black's Friday--make it stop!

Embarrassing Sport Stories With Hope & Hannah

(My sister Hope actually did say all of these things. Feel honored that I didn't make it up.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

 (Note: Before reading, know that you can click the pictures to enlarge them.)

Unless you live under a rock or stone or the troll bridge or something, you know that today is Valentine's Day.

Now, since I'm 14, I don't have to deal with the full whack of Valentine's Day yet, but I've been through enough of them to know what it's like for everyone else.

Here's what everyone thinks is going to happen on Valentine's Day, due to television sitcoms:

Since I can't read what it says now, while writing it, I'll write out the dialogue for you:

George: So, um it's Valentine's Day?
Margo: Yes, it is.
George: .............
Margo: You forgot. Again.
George: No! I swear I didn't!
Margo: Yes, you did. Again.
George: No, I DID NOT forget. See? I got you an iPod and... erm... 21 bucks.
Margo: That's the junk out of your pocket! Blarg! You never listen! It's over!


Here how it actually turns out (a little bit, I guess):

George: Hey, happy Valentine's Day.
Margo: Thanks, you too!
George: I bought you some flowers and made you a card. I hope you like it.
Margo: Thank you! I bought you a sweater from JC Penney's but I'm just going to say that I knitted it myself.
George: So, what restaurant do you want to go to tonight?
Margo: How about we just stay home and watch a movie.
George: Okay, how about Flicka 2?
Margo: Okay, I love you!

So, fear not! People imagine it worse than it actually turns out. 

Have a happy Valentine's Day, everybody!