Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I DO NOT own ANY of these Photos, so don't fine me, please.

Here's a blog post, with pictures straight from Pinterest.

I hate Rebecca Black's Friday, too, but we don't have to express it so plainly.

 I seriously didn't know that other people did this, until I came across it. Then I was like, 'WOAH! NO WAY!'

 No comment needed.

 This photo reminded me a lot about Tangled, how the king and queen would set off hundreds of lanterns hoping that one day Rapunzel would return to them.

How many times has my Dad had to stop the car and fix the seat belt for us? A lot.

A lot a lot.

Like, so many times it's unacceptable.

I learned how to jump a car by the second time the faulty battery died, and I got pretty dang good at it, too. So I should have learned how to fix the stupid seat belt.

 Dr. Doofenshmirtz was raised by ocelots--just a little extra Jeopardy knowledge to know (by the way, I found out tonight that the kids in my family universally stink at jeopardy).

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Vance Family said...

XD Our seatbelts do that all the time. *nods* And, the new blog template is awesome! *nods again*