Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bits and Pieces: March

Picture/Photo Find:

Something I Did:

My dog got ran over by a car the other night. After searching for him for a half hour, he came running up to me from the end of the block acting like he hadn't just encountered death. Luckily for him, he got hit by a little white car; if it had been much bigger he would have been a goner. 

This made me wonder how many times by dog has been hit by a car before. He gets out of the house more than I'd like to admit, slipping between people's legs as they traverse in and out through the front door. 

I really don't know what he does when he's out. I assume he just runs around and does his business until he gets bored/cold and then returns home, but what if he darts in front of cars?

I've been more careful not to try to let him out, and to take him on more walks so that he doesn't *hopefully* get hit again.

A Writer Thing:

I wish I could say that I have been writing a lot recently, but the truth is that I'm as lackadaisical as ever. Usually I don't mind that on off-months (or, to say, when I'm not pressured by a contest to write 50,000 words) I write considerably less, choosing instead to relax, enjoy my free time, and mess around on the computer... or sleep, which I've become quite good at over my lifetime.

I'm a little worried, though, that I might be getting into the habit of only writing when NaNo comes around, and being lazy any other time. My past history with word count, if put on a month-to-month chart, would certainly tell me that my assumption is correct. In November and August, say, it would plummet into the sky, but in May/June, you'd find miniscule numbers.

I don't know what to do, except hopefully write more and finish projects; one of my main problems could be that I haven't finished a full-length novel since December of 2011. That means that in 2012 I barely accomplished anything. I'm always starting new projects because I get these new ideas in my head and I can't say no to them, or I get bored with old ideas, put them on the full-to-bursting back burner to simmer, and feverishly work on something new--then repeat.

Hopefully I can correct this; I plan to be writing a bit more, and cover some ground this time on Mermaidens, or another book that's been sitting unfinished in my hard-drive for a while.

A Song:

'Avalanches' by A Fine Frenzy

With winter on the brink of being over with, I have several other songs lined up right now that I'd like to post, but sadly won't until later blog posts. A few other writer friends got me into this specific genre of music, particularly A Fine Frenzy. Her music sounds ethereal and folksy at the same time, which is something I like about her. It's very inspiring to listen to while writing.

Perhaps I'll make a post soon detailing a few of the bands I listen to (of course, these are the sort of posts that no one--even your mom--reads, so I don't know if I should bother trying. It's like writing a book review when your blog isn't specifically for books reviews. When these types of things pop up on my dashboard I always try to read them and give the author a little bit of viewership, but my point is that no one reads them usually, and I've already got a problem with viewership right now because my blog sucks).

Horsely Horse:

Nothing. Has. Happened.

Every winter I always tell myself that I'm going to ride a lot more than I did in the previous year, and every year I always blow that goal big time. I haven't ridden my horses in a month, something I'm very guilty about. I promise that as the weather gets nicer I *will* ride more, as warmer seasons tend to make me do. Anybody want to go trail riding with me?

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