Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An Update

April has been a lot of fun so far. Though the weather fluctuates more than me or my family would like, and I injured myself last Sunday and have been on crutches since, I've loved this month so far. 

For one, I've had to use less layers of clothing to keep myself warm. This means that once again I can walk outside in merely jeans and a t-shirt and be perfectly fine--no freezing or anything.

For twice, the tulips bloomed. Their yellow, red, and orange blooms were a stark contrast against the bleary shades of brown I'd grown so used to seeing this past winter I could see it behind my eyelids if I closed them. Unfortunately, almost as soon as the tulips had opened their petals to the world, a sharp wind and snowstorm blew them to the ground, snapping their stems. 

I took as many of them inside as I could, and put them in a shallow vase. There, they lit up the area above the microwave nicely, until they finally wilted and died a few days later.

For thrice, the aspect of school being let out next month makes me both sad and jumping at the bit for my summer vacation. I will be sad to leave my homeschooling group, because I know that for many of my friends I will not see them again until the fall, when classes resume. However, I am ready to sleep in every morning, because band class starts first hour and all through the cold, dark winter made me rise before sunrise. 

Which I both hated and appreciated. 

On the subject of band, this week we were required to give presentations. Basically, we had to pick an old classical piece and compare it to a modern day song. I've never been good at public presentations (I get a tremor in my voice, I think), and so I was nervous for this assignment. I chose to compare Night on Bald Mountain, by Mussorgsky, and Lovers' Eyes, by Mumford & Sons.

I compared tone and mood. By the end of the presentation the band teacher was enthused, and I had to replay Night on Bald Mountain for the class. Needless to say, I think I got an a. Which is good.

With spring just now warming up for good, I wonder what the next few months will bring: lots of rain, and sun? Or more cold days with freezing wind?

Whatever it is, I'll have to sludge through it.

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