Thursday, September 19, 2013


I hate updating you guys in long posts. I hate it. I want you to know what's been going on, but at the same time, I want to blog about random stuff that I find interesting--those are, by far, my favorite posts. And since I don't blog enough anymore to fit in random posts about cats and John Green, this appears to be problematic. So, here's a list of of what I did in Chicago last week, just to give you a vague idea:

  1. Met Rhett after his boot camp graduation and hung out
  2. Dipped my toes into Lake Michigan (a tornado chased us off the beach)
  3. Toured the Field Museum
  4. Saw beluga whales at Shedd Aquarium
  5. Saw Van Gogh paintings for the first time in real life at The Art Institute 
  6. Went to the Museum of Science and Industry
  7. Rode the subway and Metra (it was awesome seeing into the little lives of the other passengers and imagine what it was like living in their heads)
  8. Ate deep dish pizza
  9. Took an architecture tour on the river, learning about all the famous downtown Chicago buildings
  10. Navy Pier, guys
  11. Visited Cloud Gate, otherwise known as The Bean
  12. Drove to Hannibal, Missouri and learned all about Mark Twain at his own museum

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