Thursday, November 15, 2012

How This Blog Came to Be

I was thinking today that it would be a great day to write a blog post. The thing is, though, what was I supposed to write about? I'd declared this month writing-themed-posts-only month, and in terms of writing, I'm pretty dry.

You know, I never exactly introduced myself in a formal post. It's hard to tell what I was thinking last year, but I believe that I didn't believe in introductions, if that makes sense. So that means that I don't think I ever have told you straight-up how this blog came to be. 

Go back a year and a lot, to the summer. The sun blisters your skin and as you lay on the porch wearing your shorts in the direct sunlight the concrete is hot enough to make puddles out of your thighs, but still you lay there. You have time to think, with hours of nothing stretching before you. 

Your only company is the dry breeze, the notioning that you might need water, and a strange, little blue bead. The heat makes you delusional. You start to personify the blue bead, and then, out of the blue, this little idea pops into your head:

A blog would be nice. 

A blog, where you could write about your country life. Where the blue bead could have its very own post. Where you could make fun of The Pioneer Woman. Where cats could run free reign.

But what to call it?

It seems like a great idea, and you keep it in the back of your mind for a few months. Everywhere you wander inside the house you think that maybe this and that would make a dandy blog post. The only thing stopping you is permission from your mother--that, and a blog title. 

You storm up ideas in a yellow notebook for a week, after you get your permission to start a blog. 

What to call it?

You consider all sorts of titles, and eventually you narrow it down to two names:

- Outside the Margins

- Tales of an Unpublished Writer

The second one had a nice ring to it, so you choose that. And, with shaking fingers, you type up your first post and hit publish. You design. And design. Another post is written.

A year passes, you move to a new house, and the reasons why you started the blog in the first place have withered away and died. But still you blog, because you have found completely new reasons to continue onwards.

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