Friday, December 7, 2012

Bits and Pieces: December

Picture/Photo Find:

Something I Did: 

Today my mom and I went to the vet with a sick cat. His name is Oliver, and I did introduce him on the blog in the very first post, because I am very obsessive over cats and I think I'd established the fact that the blog was going to be about cats.

Anyway, it appears as though he got an infection in his eye, and it had gotten out of control over the weekend because the vet wasn't open. When the doctor looked at him he also felt around his stomach (he squeezed my cat) and said that there was something off with his left kidney also. Over the course of the past couple months Oliver has been gradually losing weight, but up until this weekend he had been as active as an old cat can be. Last week I played with him and a length of string. 

The vet also concluded that he was severely dehydrated, and they're keeping him overnight so they can clear up his eye infection and pump some liquid into him. 

I'll keep you guys posted if I can, but as things are it's not looking good for Oliver. They think that something might be seriously wrong with his kidney; he said it could be cancer. 


^^ The text above is from yesterday. This morning the vet had to put Oliver to sleep, because his kidneys had flat-out failed. We get to have a funeral later on today.

A Writer Thing:

I cannot think of a single thing that I did recently in lieu of writing that is noteworthy. Things have been going steady, much like my sister Hope's relationship. My writer friends are all good it seems--correct me if I'm wrong--and I don't have anything to say about them right now (of course this makes me sound like I have a problem with my writer friends. I don't, sorry).

Maybe I'll just share a quote from one of the stories I'm reading on Figment right now, and leave it at that.

I’d seen it before at meal halls—boy sitting and girl in her box, looking up at him shyly, touching the glass as if it were only a misty curtain, a cloud she could reach through.”
 - Mac Ford, The Glass Girl

She got to the title before me, when I wrote into the little box on the Camp NaNoWriMo's website, making it official. Before I posted it on Figment and someone told me that it was taken by someone else.

But despite our stories sharing the same title, they are different. Vastly different--even though the covers are strikingly similar, and the tones in both of them are light with an underside of evil.

Also, it might be noted that hers is much more loved than mine.

Horse-ly Horse:

This is a new column, in which I will inform you guys how my horses and I have been doing riding-wise.

Last week we went and picked up my yellow horse, who is named George. I've ridden him a few times, and though he's lazy and stubborn I like him. We did groundwork yesterday, after we dropped Oliver off at the vet.

My mom snapped a photo of it.

After I publish this post I'm going to go ride him, actually. So yeah. 

Song I Can't Stop Listening to:

I love this band. I really love this song, also. In fact, it's playing in the background right now as I write this. I have no idea why I like this song so much; I usually listen to gentler music, from the works of A Fine Frenzy and Eisley. I think some of the lyrics and how they're sung are really chilling to the bone, especially after the chorus. 

So that's my life recently. How are you?

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