Saturday, December 8, 2012


I'm not a huge fan of comics. Sure, I'm a huge fan of the Avengers, and to some extent everyone outside of Joss Whedon's brilliant, funny movie. But that doesn't mean I like the comics. I don't think I've even ever laid my hands on a copy, though I love the Avengers. 

Recently I've become hooked on a web comic by Noelle Stevenson. It's called Nimona, and it's about a shape-shifting girl who basically forces the most villainous villain around to accept her as his squire (or apprentice, whatever). I like it because while it's set in the medieval ages, there are also lots of modern twists, like genetically modified apples, chemistry, coke cans, and mechanical arms.

Nimona and Blackheart (the villain) are out to prove that the good guys aren't so good after all. They come up with schemes and plans, and then it's fun to see them act them out. Sometimes Nimona doesn't agree with Blackheart--okay, all of the time.

Nimona really likes explosions, and she's not afraid of killing people, either. The thing that sets the two villains apart is that while she really wants to be evil just so she can break all of the rules and set off explosions (and kill people), Blackheart plays by "rules". He disapproves of killing people, and wants to be as stealthy as possible. Basically he's just into villainy to prove a point, which is respectable.

One of the other main characters is a man named Ambrosius Goldenloin. He's on the side of the "good guys", and is Blackheart's nemesis. He acts very self-aware of his own gorgeousness, and is the face of the good guy's corporation. 


 Blackheart and Ambrosius used to be best friends, and were fierce protectors of the law, until Ambrosius betrayed him after a jousting match. After losing his arm, I guess it's pretty obvious that Blackheart hates him. However, they're still in it for a good time, and they save each other's lives on multiple occasions (usually after Nimona blows stuff up). It sounds as though they aren't true nemesis, are they?

None of the characters are really easy to hate, and though I root more for Nimona's side, I do like Ambrosius and I hope he ends up with a decently happy ending by the end of the comic. There really is not anything I dislike about this project; I approve of most of Nimona's choices (okay, the ones that don't involve killing), and Blackheart is adorable at times.

I've never read a comic before where we get to go by the villain's perspective, and that as readers we are all supposed to root for the bad guy--if they are bad guys, after all. It's a nice change. 

You can read the comic here, if you're interested in it after this post. Updates occur every Tuesday and Thursday, and on special occasions there are sometimes three panels a week. So yay!

All artwork by the amazing Noelle Stevenson. 

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