Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Time I Spent All Day Drawing Valentines.

Well, it's Valentine's Day again, and once more nothing has happened. I'm still as single as ever before... but don't think that throws me. Silly attempts to make me feel bad about my singularity don't work on me.

Today is just another day, except this day happens to garner a lot of hype with tv commercials and sections of stores decorated all frilly pink and lace and busting to the brim with chocolate.

I am currently making valentines for my family and friends (though none-the-less by the time you read this post I'll be finished), and I thought I would take a break for a bit to write a blog post. I pinned a bunch of ideas for valentines on pinterest this year so that they would all be in a single place, but due to certain circumstances that I'm not allowed to tell you about I am left without a printer for today (and today only--when I actually NEED it).

So I decided that I would have to draw them. Here are a few pictures, taken on a phone, so sorry if you can't read the words.

Here are others that I wanted to draw, but couldn't do them because they are gifs/ no one would understand them besides me.

I hope that everybody's day has been great so far, and that you guys are happy.

Good night!

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The Magic Violinist said...

I love the Harry Potter one! :D (I'm a total Harry Potter FANATIC). ;)

Those drawings are so cool! I wish I were a good artist.