Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Discovery Days: The Improv Team

Hey there, guys. Things are going pretty well here at Discovery Days 2013. It is te end of my second day, and I'm loving nearly every minute of it.

What's to suck?

The fun run was completely cancelled due to rain and thunderstorms. My K-State veterinary school tour was cancelled and we went to the zoo instead (UGH. On the bright side, I got to touch a tiger pelt and a lazy armadillo). The meals are horrendous.

Still, best year yet. So far.

So what's there to like?

First and foremost, the improv team performance was AMAZING. It was like going to see a live episode of Whose Line is it Anyway, except without Colin Mockery or Wayne Brady. One of the girls was melodramatic and at best mehh, but the rest of the team was great and they acted out sketches with creativity and witty lines

Another great part about today was my duct tape class, in which I made a pair of purple shoes. They look like bags, but they're super comfortable and water proof, and I spent two hours making them, so of course I'm proud of them.

The new friends are an exciting bunch. The old friends are numerous and are awesome as always. One of my friends will be trying out for the talent how tomorrow, so I'm hoping they make it so I have a reasonable excuse to go to the talent show this year. 

... Well, maybe "just watching" still works.

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