Thursday, May 30, 2013

Discovery Days: a List and Swing Dancing

Hello guys (I think "guys" has become the official name for my readers). Tonight is--was--the last full day of Discovery Days. This was perhaps the funnest, most entertaining D Days so far. In a list I shall describe what I liked about today:

  1. Friends... Stop rolling your eyes at me, Mr. Without friends I would have a miserable time at this camp
  2. There was a western dance after all... I'd gone all week thinking there would be no swing/ western dance this year. Everyone was disappointed, an so I think they hired an extra dj last minute to host the swing dance. I had a lot of fun dancing with several people, although I'm ashamed to say I couldn't do much more than two step.
  3. The water wars... I got totally soaked this afternoon at the water war, hosted in front of Weber Hall on the lawn. It was fun because it was really hot out; what's a better way to cool off than with sponges and gallons of water?
  4. Have I mentioned the t shirts?... They're red this year, which is wonderful. They've got a match on the front and a vaguely Dr. Seuss-like quality to the titling, "find your spark"

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