Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

 (Note: Before reading, know that you can click the pictures to enlarge them.)

Unless you live under a rock or stone or the troll bridge or something, you know that today is Valentine's Day.

Now, since I'm 14, I don't have to deal with the full whack of Valentine's Day yet, but I've been through enough of them to know what it's like for everyone else.

Here's what everyone thinks is going to happen on Valentine's Day, due to television sitcoms:

Since I can't read what it says now, while writing it, I'll write out the dialogue for you:

George: So, um it's Valentine's Day?
Margo: Yes, it is.
George: .............
Margo: You forgot. Again.
George: No! I swear I didn't!
Margo: Yes, you did. Again.
George: No, I DID NOT forget. See? I got you an iPod and... erm... 21 bucks.
Margo: That's the junk out of your pocket! Blarg! You never listen! It's over!


Here how it actually turns out (a little bit, I guess):

George: Hey, happy Valentine's Day.
Margo: Thanks, you too!
George: I bought you some flowers and made you a card. I hope you like it.
Margo: Thank you! I bought you a sweater from JC Penney's but I'm just going to say that I knitted it myself.
George: So, what restaurant do you want to go to tonight?
Margo: How about we just stay home and watch a movie.
George: Okay, how about Flicka 2?
Margo: Okay, I love you!

So, fear not! People imagine it worse than it actually turns out. 

Have a happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

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