Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Last Half-Hour

If you're a long-time (it was only back last September!) reader of this blog, you'll remember that this is my dad's horse, Pesky Peso.

Okay, his name is only Peso. But it should have 'Pesky' before it.

This is him eating hay.

Peso likes to eat hay.

He's getting nice and round--but not fat. If I call him fat while he's listening, which is pretty much the only time when I call him fat, he pouts and hides in the corner of the pen.

He has low self-esteem.

Here's another picture that looks about the same, but more grainy, dark, and blurry. Notice that I have not pulled this photo into Photoshop and turned up the saturation to the top.


Not a bit.

Maybe, Ree, you should take a leaf out of my book, hmm?

Any-who, this is him eating.

This post has no plot.

Only to basically show off my dad's pretty, albeit round, horse.

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