Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bits and Pieces: August.

Picture/ Photo Find:

Something I Did:

I actually haven't done anything noteworthy recently. I've been writing a lot (obviously) and I've been 'hanging out' with a friend. Today I went to the next city over from my small town with her and we bought chicken feed.

While there we went to IHOP, where I ate the worst meal of my life. Seriously. If you're ever there, *do not* order the Garden Crepes. You will sincerely regret it. 

I also started reading Fahrenheit 451. It's good so far... but I sort of lost it (or someone stole it. Hmm). One minute it was sitting next to my bed in a stack of other books, and the next it was mysteriously missing. Maybe my brother is reading it. 

A Writer Thing:

I've discovered just how hard it is to move your story forward when all there is to work off of is a few miniature people, some cans of green beans, and a glass world. Also a fully-stocked library, but it would sort of feel like cheating describing each and every novel that passes through one of my character's hands.

Also, I believe I'm actually teaching history, geography, and science lessons in my story. I'm not sure, though. I like to throw in fun facts, but then the fun facts build into something entirely different.

Song I Love:

I'm going to end this post right now because I have to go write 1.6K words. Also, I'm sorry I'm neglecting you. I promise to write at least three more posts this month, if not more.

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CloudyKim said...

Hey Hannah!

Yikes, I'll keep that in mind. I'm a sucker for crepes, but I guess I'll just stick to the pancakes if I go.

The Glass Girl has been delightful so far, even though I know you've been having a hard time writing it. Stick with it - I'm enjoying the lessons, haha :)