Monday, October 31, 2011

Finally! What The Heck My Goats Look Like!

If you bothered to read the title, then you know that this post is probably about my two dairy goats, Batha and Macha... I mean Padma and Amelia.

The brown one is Padma, and the black-and-white one is Amelia. Please don't ask what gender they are (but I'll give you a hint: they're both dairy goats).

Padma is an Oberhasli. She's sort of pushy and eats a lot.

Amelia is an Alpine. Or French Alpine, if you want to get technical. She is really, really sweet and follows you around. But she doesn't like little kids.

The last time Amelia came into contact with Trelawney, my baby sister, she butted her to the ground.

I have no idea why Amelia hates Trelawney so much.

In other news, tonight was Halloween. I dressed as Scarlett March (fictional character in one of Jackson Pearce's books). I've officially eaten too much sugar for the night. Anything (Kit Kat, Butterfinger, Twix, Snicker) sounds pretty unappetizing to me-- except for Pixie Stix. I can't seem to get enough of them!

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