Sunday, April 15, 2012

94th Post!

Guys, I've just reached an incredible milestone: This is my 94th post! HUZZAH!

I feel as though we've been through so much together since last September, on that infamous day when my Mom [finally] let me get a blog, and discovered that [sometimes] I can be quite funny. So thank you for having confidence that I would do well with this blog business. 

We've been through porcupines sitting on tree limbs...

And kitty C-Sections...

And unbelievably evil rabbits...

Oh right. I haven't gotten to that yet--but I will! Just in the future, because right now I have to be all stereotypical and commemoratory and stuff. 


We've been through hats and laptops.

And doorways with posters of books and TARDIS's over them.

And rabbits.

And OH. MY. DARWIN. J.K. Rowling is releasing a new book for adults.

More rabbits. Now would be a good time to note that every rabbit in this picture except the black-and-white one died from E. Cuniculi. 

Waifer-thin girls.

And Harry Potter/Aladin crossovers jokes.

And farmhouses my family got evicted from while this blog was in its second to third month in the running. 

And cool space women that I drew for other Nanoers.

And... eww. I've looked at this picture hundreds, hundreds of times, and my gag reflex still hasn't toned down any.

Possibly the best slam on the Pioneer Woman that I've done...

Spotted bellies, wow
From a cat who says meow
What a lame haiku.
Anyway, expect a post tomorrow (Monday) for my brand new rock-themed giveaway, which I'm sure only Neville and Avi are going to enter, but I'm holding it anyway.


You might want to settle down, because I'm not going to give out Elton John bobbleheads. 

Like, literally, it's going to be a rock-themed giveaway. I have geode slices and pieces of granite found on my street (I'm kidding! I found them somewhere else), and hollow pencils that have little pebbles inside of them, and shiny postcards, and... I can't remember any of the other things right now, but I'll get back to you on it, tomorrow.

(Also, as a note for the near future, now would be a good time to tell you to research your 19th century scientists. It might just help you.)

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