Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Picture of a Nothing.

I hate this blogging business. I hate that I appear to only be writing to my mom. I hate how no one else reads this thing except for me. I hate how this blog has swallowed up my life.

I want to be outside, riding my horse, or drawing stuff--but I've become too addicted to this blogging business. Instead of doing meaningful things, I'm sitting in my room, writing about past meaningful things.

And so, I'm quitting this blogging business.

Now have a picture of a nothing.


AVY said...

Is it that bad?

/ Avy

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOO!!!! Don't quit blogging! If you do, I'll sic Neville on you! :P

Charity said...

Don't quit blogging... Lots of people read and don't leave comments. Blogging is for you, not readers, anyway. You can blog and ALSO ride Lily and do other things. Just set a time and don't spend all day on the computer. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Also... you get more readers the more you keep blogging. I have like 16 subscribers now, but for the longest time, only my family read my blog.