Monday, April 2, 2012

A Pro-po-sition.

Dear Hope (my sister),

Maybe we could do some sort of twin blog?

Or, you know, triple blog (I'm talking to you specifically here, NevlleGirl. Just comment below if you want to jump on this idea, too).

Look, I made a few crudely drawn photos of me explaining it.

And, to add a bit of incentive, I drew a picture to share with you.

Okay, before either of us starts to feel more uncomfortable, I think we should stick to text for the rest of this post. I'll try to make it short, too:

1. I like designing blogs. So... I'd get to design it or something. You can put your input in for color schemes and blog buttons and tabs and whatnot, but other than that... no.

2. You have to do a punishment if you miss a blog post (i.e. Vlogbrothers style).

3. I like lists.

So do you want to do it?

Leave your comment in the doobly-doo below, NevilleGirl, if you're slightly weirded out by me and/or you want to try it out with Hope and I.

Also, Hope, if you want to do it, then that's cool.


Anonymous said...

Um... would this be on a new blog, or what? Maybe... but I'm really busy this month with Screnzy...

Hannah said...

Not specifically this month, or any month. And I'm pretty sure it would be on a new blog (hence the designing part. That would be awkward if I designed your personal blog).

Hope said...

It'd be cool with me. But be warned: I cannot think of funny/cool stuff when I'm thinking about it, it just comes randomly. And you'd be punishing me a lot.
That aside, sure, why not?

Hannah said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe... in May? IDK....