Monday, January 23, 2012

Haters Gon' Hate. Wombats Gon' Hate... And Maul Your Face Off.

I've missed my blog severely, over the past few days. I've missed spamming your dashboard with my posts. I missed berating you with videos to watch (this is always fun on my end, as I quite enjoy sucking up your life on earth). I've missed listening to my writing playlist on YouTube while I laugh meniacly and plot out ways to torture you here, at TalesUnpublished.

I've also missed--


Not even gonna go down that dark and lonely road (obscure song lyric time! My favorite!).

Where have I been all of this time?

What, were you personally counting the days? Really?

Okay, you can count them. It's fine with me. In fact, it's more than fine with me. That means that maybe you perhaps, perhaps enjoy my pestering you with videos about throwing books into fishing nets, or about me pairing up fabrics that shouldn't go together, simply out of boredom while finding myself standing in a small-town quilting shop. Perhaps you like my huzzahs! and -Os. Perhaps you like it when I slam the P-dub (that's the Pioneer Woman, by the way. It's what she calls herself.). Perhaps....

Perhaps you're getting bored, and you want me to get to the point of my blog post, so that you can return to your cup of fast chilling, over-priced coffee, return to reading another, much more interesting blog post about wombats, or Arbor Day. In fact, weren't you just learning about how to cut an artichoke when my blog caught your attention?

So, back to the point:

It's been ten days since I've posted.

Ten days where, to the people who hate this blog, but decided to follow it anyway (crazy loon! You're supposed to divert away from here if you hate it), finally got their lives back. Finally got to enjoy their cups of over-priced coffee.

Unfollow my blog, please, because I quite enjoy posting.

Back to the point again.

At this point I don't even remember what my point was.

Oh, blarg.

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