Sunday, March 18, 2012

Colorado Springs

This is the actual post, as yesterday I wasn't thinking straight (it definitely had something to do with me smelling like a dying camel--but don't worry. I resolved the issue by standing under hot water for about ten minutes), and I was procrastinating, and...

I don't have all of the photos I'd like to make this post yet, due to the fact that Hope's iPod is a pain in the buttocks to plug in and download media from it. And also, due to the fact that if I blow this off for too long, then my anniversary will have passed--and you will have lost interest. As will I.

So here goes:

We drove. And we drove.

And then, in no particular order, we stopped at these places, and I nearly got fined for climbing on rocks that I wasn't supposed to, and I petted a greasy, dirty giraffe (my fingers were covered in wettish soot when I walked away from the long-necked animal), and Hope and I sung Hank Green songs to each other on the ski lift, and I stayed at the bottom of seven falls and read Paper Towns while the rest of my siblings climbed 224 steps to the top, only to come back down when they got tired of the view.

Trelawney was very, very interested in the stuffed cougar.

As close to my actual face as you will probably ever get.
 Also, I might add that I am not taller than my elder sister Hope. I think I was standing on something at the time, or I was standing on my toes to pet the dirty giraffe.

I'm not wearing sunglasses, either. In real life, my eyes are forced to be forever stuck behind a thin wall of rubber and-or glass. It's a mixture of my glasses being situated above a giraffe spot that makes it look like I'm trying to look cool underneath a shaded patio.
The view of Colorado Springs from the ski lift.

The wallaby that I never got to see, because Hope, Noah and I decided to ride the ski lift another time.

This porcupine was just sitting there in the tree.

Seven Falls.
There might be more pictures when I finally muster up the energy to upload some of the photos off of Hope's iPod. But for now, this is it.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun!!!! I've been to Colorado Springs too!