Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where I Was.

On March 14, 2012, my family went on a vacation to Colorado Springs. We had absolutely no internet (not even on the 3g smartphones), so I haven't been able to blog for the last three days.

I know, tragic.



My mom also hasn't been able to blog, either (she usually does it on her smartphone, and, you know, no internet near the Rockies), though she has already well caught up on her photo-a-day journey. You can find this blog here. I stole all of the photos in this blog post from it, so... It's not copyright if you technically took a bunch of these photos, right?





I just tried the Stellar! word on my sister, Hope, and she sort of blankly looks at me, puts her hand in front of her face and squints, bringing two of her fingers together.

"I will crush your head!" she says. And then, in a lower, more disinterested voice, she says, "Yeah. That probably didn't make a lot of sense."

And I say, "Stellar!"

And she turns back to the computer to compete in Truth or Fail. 

And I, in turn, start writing this blog post again. 



And I really don't want to blog about my trip to Colorado, or about the themed-giveaway I am planning. Do you ever feel as though you need to do something, but you can't make yourself do it? Like there's this part of your mind that wants to go to Youtube and Twitter for hours at a time, wasting away the whole day?

I'm pretty sure I'm thinking of my friend, Procrastination.

It's also called my friend Charlie.

So many videos to watch.

So many things to do.

For example: right now I'm supposed to be taking a shower, because I smell like a dying camel and the people at church tomorrow morning are very, very judgmental--which should be incentive enough to stand under hot water for around ten minutes, but oddly enough, I find Charlie's video about not procrastinating above material for procrastination.

I was going to give in and take a shower earlier, but my shampoo is in the car. In my suitcase.

And I would have to go outside and get the suitcase, and lug it back inside, and unzip it, and then get my shampoo, all for something that I don't want to do in the first place.

You now see my dilemna (definition: a crisis involving two alternatives).

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