Thursday, March 29, 2012

Penguins Also Hate Comic Sans.

It seems mediocre, that I find the time in my [busy] day to hate something as simple as the font Comic Sans--and also, Papyrus--but I am mediocre.

I hate Comic Sans.

In fact, I hate Comic Sans so much, I decided to write in it for the rest of this blog post, just to make it grade against my nerves. 

Everybody, at one point or another in their lives, has written something with this font. 
My  sister once wrote a chapter book in Comic Sans--and I started to, right until I quit the novel I was working on on the computer, and stared writing it out by hand.

My hatred has heightened by 95% percent since then, so much so, that whenever I see it out in the open (perhaps on a certain adoption form for some little boy in Guatemala. *cough cough*) I defiantly cry out: "Comic Sans!" and then I think the phrase: It's taken over the world. 

So why do I hate it?

First, it's overused by everybody. EVERYBODY. 

Second, it's repetitive. The handwritten lettering becomes boring, and because no handwritten letter is exactly the same when written with a hand, it makes Comic Sans look sort of cheesy.

Third, it's a poorly designed font. 

Fourth--can't I just hate a font?

So yeah. I hate Comic Sans. There are worse things to hate, like Joseph Kony and Rebecca Black's Friday, but there are tons of people to hate those. 



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