Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bits and Pieces: July.

Picture/ Photo Find

Something I Did
Well, I did it. I signed up the the annual Fair Queen competition. I filled out the form with a borrowed pen and turned it in to my town's Extension Office on the day it was due. My sister also decided to sign up, after quite a bit of persuasion from our Grandma (love you!).

I'm nervous. Like, really, really nervous. I'm trying to act as though I've got this contest in the bag and I'm going to win by a landslide, but on the inside, whenever I think about it my stomach twists up in tight knots and I start to breathe funny, as though I've just seen a ghost or something just as peculiar. 

I want to win. I've wanted to win for over a year now, ever since last year when Minerva McGonagall* won the pageant with her condescending attitude and her stubborn refusal to ride a highly trained horse around the arena at the rodeo. I'm confident that I have a good chance of winning, even though I will be a freshman next year and I think they prefer to give the award to some senior who won't be able to participate the next year. But even though they've got the upper hand, I think if I play my cards just right, I might, might, squeeze myself into first. And if not first, then second. 

A Writer Thing

Why is it that for the fair, I had to enter three short stories? I've got nothing prepared that I'm willing to let the entire populace of my [small] town read, and though my mom thinks that I've just got stories lying around that I've already written (I do, but that's not the point), I still don't want anyone except my Figment readers to read them. Plus, as an added bonus, these will be judged and given ribbons! 

What if I get a... white?

Heck, what if I get a blue? I know for a fact that I won't be satisfied with anything but a purple.

No new story ideas are rushing into my head, either. Flax Golden Tales have done this to me. They've sucked all the inspiration out of my brain, and now anything that even remotely relates to one of them is immediately shunned away and considered 'unoriginal.'

Although, to put an immediate glossy spin on this downside, now everything that I write has to have a gripping plot, otherwise I don't want to write it. So my writing has gotten leaps and bounds more interesting than what it was, and I believe that it's getting to where maybe I can finish a novel, revise the heck out of it, and start querying agents. Who knows?

(By the way, there will be no Flax Golden Tale this week due to the frenzied writing of three other stories plus my comedy routine for the Fair Queen contest.)

Video I can't Stop Watching

Yes, it's weird. By now you've realized that I'm weird. I love the shots when Shawna's facing the camera, and one of her eyes is glowing. It looks so feral and cool and I really like this video.

* Though her first name was Minerva, her last name was not McGonagall.


Anonymous said...

xD I need to turn in my projects on Monday, and... Creative Writing isn't finished... er... even though I love writing...

Hannah said...

No!!! I hope you get them done!