Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On the Fourth.

It's impossible to say that I hate this country. But sometimes I do.
I hate how the government can put you in jail for life without a trial if they suspect you might be a terrorist. I hate how the media is blatantly ignoring Ron Paul because they've decided he won't become president. And I hate how we're trillions of dollars in debt with other countries, and the only thing we're worrying about right now is whether to let gays marry.
I also hate how Oreos have gotten so expensive.
And so, on that note, I would like to say that not all of the time I hate the USA. We're the best at sports when the Olympics roll around (yes I am being cocky) even though no one in this nation cares about Soccer besides John Green and a few other enthusiasts. We're great at burning money--I mean, holding firework displays--and it's rather lovely to watch the exploding lights blaze through the air when I'm not afraid that our house is going to burn down due to drought. 
 Though the UK does have JK Rowling. So maybe they're the better nation after all. 


KELSEY said...

Ahhh totally agree. Sometimes I hate the US, too.

But now that the Olympics are soooo close I'm all amped up on patriotism and pride in our swim team. Haha.


Hannah said...

Equestrian team FTW!