Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Fair Queen Contest.

Hello, everybody! 

So last night, I participated in the Fair Queen contest. I was a little nervous to begin with, but then I realized that everybody else felt the same, and then I just sort of... stopped. I made sure to be super nice to everybody because none of the other contestants were doing that to each other and I thought we all needed a bit of encouragement, so before and after everybody did their events I made sure to wish them good luck (and also a good job).

Interview was the biggest portion of the competition that I was worried about. I thought I did okay (I know I didn't tank it or anything, at least--or maybe I did. It's extremely hard to judge yourself), and the judges were all incredibly nice. It was actually sort of enjoyable.

My interview outfit. Just look at the pageant mom glaring at me in the background. Hi, Nancy! Your daughter sprayed all of my stuff down with air freshener at camp when we roomed together! Tell her I said hi and that I hold no hard feelings!
Second was talent, and since I like performing in front of people (large quantities of people, not just a few family members), it was fun too. Everybody laughed at my jokes--which was good, because as I was number one on every portion of the contest, I had to warm up the audience.

By the time we got to the modelling portion of the competition, I stopped worrying so much. I had great clothes and a smile to match, and so I'm sure I did good. 

The girl next to me had a really pretty dress.
Altogether, I really enjoyed the contest. The judges were nice, the crowd was great, and the contestants were friendly and beautiful in their dresses. If I don't win this year, I'm definitely going to compete next year. And the next.

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