Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Closing Thoughts on July.

  1. July was considerably cooler than the end of June.
  2. It was filled with cloudless days and a few rainstorms.
  3. I wrote a lot.
  4. Like, a lot. Not as much as a NaNo month, but definitely... what, 9K?
  5. Okay, I'm lying. I only thought I wrote a lot. Turns out I only wrote about 4K words, and most of those were towards the end of July.
  6. The fair.
  7. My family left me, my dad and Hope at home for one night. It was peaceful.
  8. The Olympics started, and I found out just how much I dislike the commentators. It's like they get paid by the syllable. 
  9. I still like making lists.
  10. It wasn't humid, but the sun baked your skin if you stood out in direct sunshine for too long.
  11. Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. I'm attempting it once more with some of my writing buddies, in the hopes that I can come out of it with at least some sort of usable manuscript.
  12. School starts next month. 
  13. I'm actually attending high school. Maybe.
  14. Who knows? I might still homeschool.

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Charity said...

I like the idea of 14... You're always welcome! Good luck on NaNoWriMo!