Monday, September 3, 2012

The Foxface at DG.

Where I live there are two grocery stores: the actual local one, where the food is overpriced and the fruit is sometimes bruised and bad, and the other one is Dollar General, a chain store that made its way to our little town. 

I like Dollar General, for the most part. My mom used to work there, and so I know the store surprisingly well. Every time I go there I can't stop myself from cleaning up the aisles (namely, putting things back where they belong and bringing stuff in the back of the shelves to the front for easy access)--another reason why I've written a grocery store into one of my novels. Manuscripts. Whatever.

Anyway, you may have noticed that I said that I liked DG for the most part. Well, there's one thing I just really can't stand.

The employees are almost hostile. 

I try my best to be cheerful and polite whenever I'm confronted with people outside of family and friends. I always wish people a good day/night, and whenever I don't (once in a blue moon. Which was two nights ago) I feel extremely guilty about it. I wave to people on the roads a lot while riding shotgun seat--though not as often as I should--even though the only people who ever wave back are middle-to-eldery aged male farmers. 


Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who ever initiates the friendliness, but this feeling makes its way to the front of my mind the most when I'm at Dollar General. Most of the time, the cashiers don't say anything, if I don't initiate it first (I tested it one time and was proved correct). And then we have the one cashier that doesn't say anything, even when you ask if she's had a good day.

She stares at you with hollow eyes and thin lips. She has sleek red hair and a fox-like face. 

And I swear that she looks EXACTLY like Foxface from The Hunger Games. My other family members have agreed with me, and we all refer to her as Foxface. I think her real name is Danielle*, but I can't remember.

I got her at the register once, for the first time I think I'd ever seen her there. She didn't talk to me once, even when I tried to get the discount for my new pairs of flip flops. She just stared at me and waited for me to trail off of my sentences so she could continue to charge me full price for the flip flops.

She never talks. I have never heard her speak, not once. And I get her a lot at the register. 

I've heard talk that a lot of other customers have complained about her, because she's sort of mean. Sometimes she glares at me, sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes I walk into an aisle to find her stocking shelves as sloppily as a lazy twelve year old. And then, silently, she'll disappear and never come back, much like the Foxface in The Hunger Games. One time I asked her where they carried the band-aids, and she held up a finger to me and disappeared, never to return. 

I mean, it's not as though I'm going to shove Nightlock down her throat. I don't bite.

Is it too much to ask for a little good service every once in a while? I'm giving the store my money, and they're making me want to spend it elsewhere. What are your thoughts on the matter? I'd like to read them in the comments below.

* Names have NOT been changed

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Anonymous said...

*facepalms* Haha, that's funny! There's a waitress at the restaurant where I work who looks like Foxface...