Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reminiscing About Figment and Books

This post is going to be really short because it's almost one a.m. and I'm sitting in an uncomfortable desk in an office and I've just had a can of Mountain Dew and I'm all jittery and GAHHH I'M SO TIRED BUT I WANT TO STAY UP ALL NIGHT. This post will be completely horrible and the sentences are going to be cruddy--and know you know what my first drafts look like.

I just wanted to tell you all that my 4-H record book is done, and they're due tomorrow which is why I haven't posted much this month. For those of you in 4-H you can really feel for me when I say that every year my family procrastinates and doesn't do our record books until the last second. Last year we turned them in two days late and received no awards for them (but our club still got the purple seal, hehe).

For those of you not in 4-H, record books are these crazy, hard, stupid books that we report all of the things that we did in the past 4-H year. 

I took six projects this year (and I'm not going to list them in alphabetical order, and they won't have the proper titles): Horticulture, Rabbit, Dairy Goats, Horse, Performing Arts, and Creative Writing. Which means I had to fill out six forms. Gahh, I'm glad they're done. We're currently printing them (which is why I'm at an office, sitting in a uncomfortable chair and drinking a can of Mountain Dew).


This post is lasting a lot longer than I thought. Hmm.

Well, you're already invested in me if you've read this far. So. 

I'll be starting a blogging schedule soon, so I won't be blogging sporadically every now and then. I'm also going to try and whine a lot less, because I hate reading my whining and I'm sure you do too. 

Figment posting will come back up, too, although I'm working to reach my self-prescribed deadline of finishing/revising Mermaidens and so The Glass Girl might get ignored more than it was in August (I started it in August and I still ignored it then, because it's horrible and I hate how bad it is and why do I even have it put on Figment if I'm going to keep whining about it? Okay. No more whining). I've never really posted at a continuous pace whilst on Figment, ever.


I remember when I first joined Figment. I was excited and confused about how the site worked. I wanted to read all of these pieces because I thought everything was fantastic--this, of course, is how I remember feeling. But I'm sure in real life I felt bored and hesitant and scared of how badly people would tear apart First Spark, my very first novel (...or was it? Hehehe...).

And it exploded, in a manner of speaking. Merely a day after I'd hesitantly put up the first few chapters the Figment team had featured it on the Hand-picked Figs list, right on the front page. 32 people followed me that day; a record. Suddenly people were telling me how good and well-written it was, and I felt a little like a pop star because people loved me (or loved what I'd written. Hmm). I met ("met") my very first writer friend that day, and we're still friends. 

Then things quieted down and I slowly fell into a pit of despair where I hated my novel. I still hate it, a lot. I've never hated anything more in my life than that novel. 

I abandoned Figment until February, where I slightly returned and posted another work that I would update about once a month until I just simply took it down because it was worse than that novel I don't speak about any more (its name starts with First and ends with Spark, and I vow never to mention it again. Ever). It just wasn't very me and though I love the idea and will return to it someday, for now it's back to outlines. 

*reminiscing finished*

Okay, so just as a recap:
  1. I'm tired
  3. *jitters*
  4. I'm remembering my path on Figment.
  5. First Spark: never to be mentioned again.
  7. Record Books are done
Also, I love Sherlock and I'm really sad that it didn't win any Emmy's tonight.

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