Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bits and Pieces: June

Because I love stealing ideas I stole fellow Figgie Kim's Tidbits. So thank you, Kim, and I hope you have a glorious summer!

But anyway. I believe it's basically telling you about my life in recent news, split into different categories.

Picture/Photo Find

 Something I Did

I was a counselor at a local-ish 4-H camp last week. It was cloudy and humid and when the sun was shining it was beating down on us heavily. Several of the kids I was watching got sunburned and there was a lot of whining and fussing over tired legs and empty stomachs.

The only night we stayed the power went out due to a thunderstorm and some of the girls were frightened out of their minds because a certain Extension Agent (who will go unnamed) told them that there was a tornado outside. It was black as ink inside the cabins and unfortunately I didn't bring a flashlight so our room was left unlit for a short time. Two nice fellow councelors lent us a few flashlights, though, and so until lights-out my campers and I sang One Direction songs and talked about how hot Ross Lynch is.

I don't see the appeal but my campers assured me he was hot.

The next morning the power was back on and after breakfast we went on a morning hike. By the time we got back it was starting to rain and we could hear thunder off in the distance, though where the lightning was I'm not sure. My group went inside and played games for an hour and by the time we emerged it was still slightly raining but the thunder no longer lingered.
We went rafting and just as we reached the middle of the lake the thunder miraculously returned. We beat it back to shore and went up to the mess hall for lunch, where I got revenge on the Extension Agent (who will still go unnamed) by making her run around the lunch room for putting her elbows on the table. To get back at me, though, she made the most ornery boy in our county ride back in the same car as me, and so for the next hour I had to fend him off from tickling me and other slightly frightened campers.
It was loads of fun but I'm glad I'm back at home. 

A Writer Thing

I've done it: I've officially accepted the fact that I won't win Camp NaNoWriMo. I'm so far behind it isn't funny, and besides, June has just been to jam-packed with other events for me to really focus on my writing. Once I came to accept this writing has once again become one of my favorite activities, and I am no longer pulling my hair out at the roots, trying to make my word count for the day. 

I've appropriately titled my manuscript Hearts, and it is the story of a girl named Rosalind who is thrown into a world where fairy tales exist, and people recognize her as Red Riding Hood. Of course, this doesn't go over well with her, as she firmly believes that she grew up with two divorced parents and a slightly emo sister in Gulliver Creek. 

But she can't quite hide the fact that she keeps having terrifying nightmares about wolves, and so when a deranged boy starts giving her answers, she tries to believe them. 

I'm having a blast writing it so far, as I love both of my main characters. My only problem in this is that I don't want it to be cliche. I don't want to pair up my one girl main character with the cute, sensitive guy. That's how every YA novel I read turns out, and I sometimes wonder if the writer or the publisher had more to do with that choice.

Video I Can't Stop Watching


It's so creepy, and violent, and the animation is slightly off in places, but I think it's awesome. And I can't stop replaying it. I don't suggest watching past 1:27 if you're a bit squeamish with animated blood. 

I just realized that my mind is a bit weird. Oh well.

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