Thursday, June 7, 2012

That Time I Kneaded my Hands in an Evil Fashion.

My mom and Hope (to new readers she is also known as my older sister) are on a plane, right now, as I write this post. 

And this is my exact response when I saw this photo of Hope, posted on my mother's blog:

I hope you have a whole lot of fun in Washington, DC. Because I know that I won't. 

Not ever. 

Because even though I do like DC, I wouldn't necessarily want to go there for, say, my sixteenth birthday or something. No. I'd much rather go to London or some other place in England where there are British-y accents and everybody drinks tea (and not iced tea, either. Real tea). 

But that's just my decision. After all, you get to see actual, real live pandas, and the Washington Monument (but not up close because of Carter and Sadie Kane--I mean "earthquakes"), and the Hope Diamond, and Apollo 11, and all of these neat relics that I won't get to see because I'll be too busy looking at the Rosetta Stone or something.

Not to trump on your trip or anything. 

So anyway, I hope you have/had a good trip to DC and you don't/didn't get arrested for praying in front of the White House.

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