Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hello again, fellow blog readers! I've been at Bible Rodeo Camp for the past 3 1/2 days, and so that means that last night, my contest ended. 

I think it was very successful, and I loved reading your comments about what you plan to do this summer. I seriously was thinking about painting more elephants and giving away more prizes (as my favorite comments all seemed to want the elephants), until, that is, I remembered that I'm nearly broke again and shipping prizes are through the roof.

And so, it seems, that there must only be three winners. 

1. Two Geodes and a London 2012 Pin.

I chose Evelyn, a girl who speaks for me also when she says that it's not fair how our moms get to go to Las Vegas to an awesome retreat (yes, people besides the moms have fun, too).

I'm totally jealous of you. I love camping and hope that maybe, when it isn't so hot, my family will go camping or something.

Good job, Evelyn!

2. Two Elephants

Aside from sharing my name, I am also vaguely interested in the art of nanny-ing (and also vacationing). Hannah, I like that you plan on going to college, and so after you graduate I wish you the best of luck in decorating a small chunk of your mantle with your new knick knacks.

3. Pony and Dinosaur

Hehe, good luck on your travels this summer! I hope your son enjoys the toys!

So anyway, congratulations to the three people who won! Please email me at kansashannah@gmail.com with your addresses and I will ship your prizes as soon as possible.

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