Sunday, October 7, 2012

The New Theme

One autumn evening, about three days ago, I was laying in my bed and reminiscing about the days when I used to actually post things on here frequently, and regularly. My posts have become sporadic, because I came to the conclusion that my life has become rather boring. Or, rather, I'm getting lazy and I don't want to blog about the exciting stuff.

It will never change (cue maniacal laughter).

But anyway.I would like to start posting more--at least one post every two to three days. I know I get annoyed if any of the people who I know blog frequently haven't written a post in a few days, so why should it be different for me?

Also, I skipped a month with the Bits and Pieces, completely avoiding September. Something got messed up with the photos for the writing section and I've been putting off retaking the photos for a while. Also, today was no-tech day, as my mother's birthday is tomorrow and she decreed that it should be so (hey, mom. Hope and I got you the best card EVER).

I won't be posting it. Sorry. But most of what is covered in the post will be covered in others, I'm sure of it.

You may have also noticed that the theme, layout, banner, text font--and everything else changed today, if you looked hard enough. I think it looks very good, and I most likely will not change it for a while, even though the banner will change every month, to accommodate my ever-wandering imagination and graphic design skills.

I believe that's it. Hopefully I will be posting more frequently, even if it is about boring things like counting by twos and tying my shoes (name that tv show).

(Also, this is not the post that I was working a week on, mom).

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