Saturday, September 10, 2011

All of my cats (I have a lot of them)

Today I see the need to show you how many cats I have. I think I have uh... 9 of them? I don't know. Let's see.

 First off, this is Peeves. He is the shyest cat ever, no doubt. But he's very sweet, and he's fun to pet-- he really gets into it, you know? he appreciates any petting or scratching you give him. Stray. He lived in our garage for like two years.
 Fred. He's really sweet and cool and awesome. He likes to hang out on Hope's bed, and he makes these awesome noises when he looks at birds out of the window. I took him on a walk today.
 This is George. His brothers are Percy and Fred. George sort of has this personality that is mixed between Fred and Percy. He's ornery, but also very sweet, and you can carry him around like a ragdoll.
 Oh Percy. Percy, Percy, Percy. He is a big-O drama queen, and if you read one of my other posts, you'll know that he is very, very pushy. He makes these squirrel chattering noises that are completely adorable. I love Percy.
 OK, this is Harry. He is 108% my Mom's cat. We picked him up at the public pool when he was just a wee kitten. His feet are a little too small, he gets his bladder plugged up every other month, and to tell you the truth, he's kind of a jerk. Also, he's the size of a small elephant. But I still think he's a pretty cool cat.
            This is Crookshanks. He's a stray, too. This is my brother's cat mostly. He has a horrible meow,         and he uses it all the time. Still love him, though!
 This is Katie. She's a stray who showed up at our house, and we didn't get her fixed, so of course she got pregnant! You're probably thinking, yeah, fine okay. Big deal. I was one of those people, until she got two kittens stuck in the birth canal, and we had to help in an emergency C-section (more on that later.) She had Percy, Fred and George-- and two other kittens, but we gave them away.
This is Oliver. We picked him up after Mom lost her cat, Austin. He's just about the most good natured, mellow cat I've ever met. He doesn't have a problem with any cat out there... well, except for Hermione. But no one messes with Hermione. Stray. Thanks for showing up on our porch, buddy!

Speaking of Hermione, here she is. She was my first ever cat, so I don't know why she's last on this list. Oh well. Anyway, she is very crabby and temperamental, and if you're a cat and you have some common sense, you should give her a very wide berth. Even Grindel, our big yellow lab, is scared of her. She also has a kind side, though.

Yay! I was right! I have 9 cats.

You know, I just realized that two-thirds of my posts are about cats. To me, I look like the crazy cat lady. But cats are easy to post about, you know? You slap down a picture and some words, and walla! Instant blogpost!

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