Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dilemma-- a crisis involving two alternatives

I'm at sort of a crisis right now. And it's all because I procrastinated.

This July I wrote a book for Camp NaNoWriMo (and I won, by the way), but I didn't finish it. I've been slowly trying to end it off over these past months, so that I can have my Mom read it, edit it, and then for November I can write the sequel. And now November is a month away, and I haven't finished my novel yet.

I realized my problem about two days ago, when I was watching Jackson Pearce on Youtube. She was talking about how she had to get her manuscript to the publisher by a deadline.

I wish I had to write on a deadline like her, I thought longingly. Not because I want to write on a deadline, but because I'd be a published writer.... oh crud-puppies. I do have to write on a deadline.

And so began my inner battle trying to finish this manuscript that has about ten thousand words left on it at the least, and getting it to my agent/editor (a.k.a, my Mother) with enough time for her to edit it through.

I can't work on deadlines.

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