Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Me Being An Idiot (And Some Quilts)

So a while back my sister Hope, my Mom and I went to this town in Kansas somewhere (once again; if I tell you where I live, then I'll be fried alive by my Mom and not get that bottle of Gatorade for Christmas) to stitch Hope's quilt together. I tagged along because I wanted to make a quilt in December, and I still do. So I tagged along.

I was kind of bored most of the time, but hey, I got to look at fabric, and the radio station the shop owners were tuned to had some awesome music, so I won't complain much.

Back to the story. I was bored most of the time. While they were quilting, I screwed around. I found some blah fabric, and some huzzah! fabric, and I messed around with the colors a bit. A little. Maybe just a teeny tiny bit more than that...

I don't know, I was pretty proud of myself for sticking that bolt of huzzah! fabric in with the blah fabrics. But the best part was, no one noticed it until about two hours later. It was fun to watch them pin the blame on some kid who came in the store earlier.

But I wasn't going to tell them it was me.

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