Friday, September 9, 2011

My Cat, Percy

"Mom, I'm gonna be Fair Queen next year."

No reply.
 "And when they ask me who my hero is, I'm gonna say, 'Well, it'd have to be my cat, Percy. You see, he pushes for what he wants, and always insists that he gets it right then, at that moment, or else he will probably explode. And we have to give it to him, because we don't want Percy to explode. We all need to take a lesson from my cat Percy. Because if we do, we will all be better people. And we won't explode.'" I say, with as much enthusiasm as I can muster. This gets a few snickers from my sister Hope.

I mean, look at how he effectively nurses off of his mama (for future reference, her name is Katie), even though he should have stopped nursing about a month ago?

See how he hops up on a chair that Oliver claimed earlier, and Oliver doesn't do anything about it? In fact, look! Oliver is licking him (a sign of affection)! 

Yep, we can all learn a few lessons from my cat, Percy.

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