Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Horses

Unlike the Pioneer Woman, I actually ride horses (for the record, this isn't a very fake Glam-girl from Pawhuska, Oklahoma friendly blog). We own three of them.

This is Peso. He's my Dad's horse. He is (just like every horse in this state of Kansas) a Quarter horse. Peso is about 16 hands exactly, which is pretty tall when you take into consideration that the other horses we own barely peak past 14. Peso is very very very very very very squirrely, and he acts like a big- O idiot most of the time.

This is Luna. She's a quarter horse. She is just as sweet and safe as Peso is ornery. Which is A lot. We bought her after our old mare, Tonks, uh, broke her leg and died. Despite being barn sour, and a little stingy with her grain, Luna is the perfect beginner horse.

This is my horse, Lily. Also a quarter horse. She is very stubborn to everyone except my Dad-- and maybe partially to me. I fallen off of her recently, so that must count for something! Lily is the Alpha horse, most definitely. We got her with Luna, from some horse person in Oklahoma. To tell you the truth, she scared me when I first saw her.

You'd be scared, too. We went to this person's farm to look at Luna. It was cold and the wind was blowing at 100-MPH. And every horse besides Luna was acting like an idiot. Including Lily. She had her tail up high and her eyes were all wide and she was spooking at nothing and prancing around in her pen. I didn't even go try to pet her, I was so scared. My parents even told us to stay away from her (I have to laugh at this one. Who knew we'd be buying her later?)

And guess what? We couldn't get Luna to load up in our trailer. The dealer tried everything. I silently said goodbye! to Luna, because jeez, the more they tried to get her into our little two-horse trailer, the more my Dad didn't really want to buy her. But the dealer was desperate to get rid of Luna. Really, really desperate.

So we agreed to meet up halfway between Oklahoma City and Kansas (my Mother would stone me if I revealed our address!), with us bringing a larger trailer that Luna would load into. So we drove up there a week later, and guess what? The dealer brought along Lily, hoping we'd buy her. Dad went on a test drive with her, and 1,300 dollars later, we came home with two horses.

Some blog post in the future I'll tell you how we very nearly ended up selling her.

Ciao! (I'm gonna try and learn Italian.)


PonyPam said...

Okay, I have to ask. What's "barn sour"?

I'm up in the middle of the night, and you're making me grin. ;)

Hannah said...

Barn sour is when a horse wants to stay at home, instead of going on rides. I guess it's laziness or something. thanks!