Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Productive Week

The past few days have been very productive for me. I laid stepping stones in our yard, unloaded a truckload of hay bales with a few friends for a job, finished a section of the backyard fence with my dad, planted different assortments of mums, finished my huge load of homework for the homeschool class this week, and slept a lot between gymnastics-practice/lesson. So there hasn't been much time to write a post (or so I tell myself).

I haven't been writing much lately, though I did revise a few chapters to one of my stories and uploaded them to Figment, and I got a few friendly comments from readers. I really like reading comments on my stories, good or bad (but preferably good); it gives me some real motivation. I haven't gotten a really horrible review for a while (not since the-book-which-shall-not-be-named) which is also nice.

After this week I'm tired, but happy. Like the animals in Animal Farm (spoilers coming up), how most of the time they're hungry and tired but they're proud of their farm and their 'freedom'  and what they've done so they're also happy. 

Okay, goodnight.

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