Monday, October 8, 2012

Bits and Pieces: October.

Picture/ Photo Find:

Something I Did:
At robotics class the other day (I don't know if I've mentioned this or not, but every Friday my mom, littlest sister and I drive up to the next town over from ours and while they're reading books and playing in the church nursery, I take a few classes with other awkward homeschoolers, like Spanish and Speech and such) I went out to the car for a jacket and fell flat on the asphalt! I scraped my knee, elbow, side, and hands, including ruining my pants by busting a hole in the knee. 

So that was fun. 

It did get me out of pep band later that night, though. Hope (my sister) reports that homecoming was cold and miserable, and everyone else in the band whined about it, even though the teacher gave everybody ample warning time to dress appropriately. Our team lost anyway.

A Writer Thing:

At the aforementioned homeschool class, I've met a ton of other aspiring authors. One girl and I met on the first day; she told me she loved my Mockingjay pin, and I remarked how I loved the Hunger Games, but it had sort of ruined the dystopian genre, and I didn't think anything about it from there. I didn't know she was a writer until the next week, when at lunch she commented on how nobody else understood her when she started using the words 'dystopian,' and 'genre.' 

Then we generally started talking about writing and such--and also books. Lots and lots of books. She somewhat agreed with me about post Hunger Games dystopian novels, but we did agree that a few were good--particularly Divergent by Veronica Roth, which she loves and I think are alright, mostly because I think that some of the aspects of the book are very unrealistic. I won't get into details here, because of my new no-whining policy I have. 

Anyway, my mom and her mom started talking to each other while waiting between classes, and there is the too-real possibility that we might start a new young writers' group for the area, as there isn't one for miles and miles (almost to Topeka--can you believe that?). I'm very excited and I'll--hopefully--keep you guys posted with exciting new details.

Song I Can't Stop Listening to:

My sister has gotten me hooked onto a band called Of Monsters and Men. They're an indie band, but I really like their music. It's hard to decide one song to post here, because truthfully I've been listening to nearly all of them, but after a little bit of deliberation I decided that this song I listen to most.

A few of my other internet friends like this song a lot, and so they recommended it to me most. It's the type of song where I can't memorize the lyrics easily, so maybe a few more plays and I can sing it through? *winks*

Also, aside from being a good great song, I think it embodies some of the feel of one of my stories, Mermaidens, about a small seaside town with mermaids, flour, and a big, black horse whose name is ironic (at least to me, which is all that matters for right now).

                                                Food I Would Like to Put in My Mouth:

 I swear that ever since I read Flour House, I've been wanting to eat a macaron (yes, I'm spelling it correctly). They're cookies made out of meringue and almond flour and powdered sugar. And then a flavored center with whatever. They look delicious. 

When we were at Dillons' the other day, I convinced my mom to buy almond flour--but although they had buckwheat flour and poppy seed flour and whatever else, they did not have almond flour! Later that night my mom searched Amazon for the stuff and found out that it was over fifteen dollars for half of the flour needed to make a batch! I'm disappointed, because this means that I will not be able to make them.

Other Stuff:

I'd like to wish my mom a very happy birthday. I hope it was satisfactory and fun, even though you did have to wash the dishes and cook supper--and other normal-day stuff. I felt very awkward just standing around in the kitchen while you did everything. I promise next year will be a little different, and maybe you won't have to wash the dishes, although unless we have mashed potatoes and chicken fried steak for supper, you will have to do the cooking. Sorry.

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Karen said...

I believe you can make almond flour by putting almonds in the blender. I've never tried it myself, but there are a number of online tutorials. Good luck!