Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Cat, Percy

My cat Percy is no longer a kitten. Earlier this March he turned one years old, and grew the size of our largest cat, Harry (who I might add is the size of a small elephant).

 Pictured here is him (right) snuggled up next to his brother, George. They sleep together a lot, and they're also caught running around the house and playing with each other frequently. It's mostly Percy's idea, but George is a good sport and plays along with him. 

In fact, Percy has gotten most of the family cats--except for Hermione, who you can find a little more about in this post--into moving more. Cats naturally spend two-thirds of their life sleeping, and the other third eating, grooming themselves, other nasty business, and playing.

Percy also likes lounging. When I walk into the living room, I can usually find him perched on top of a couch or on the floor, gazing forlornly around the room with half-closed eyes. 


Percy has grown a lot in the past year. Aside from growing really tall, he's also gotten fat; he now has that characteristic fat roll on his tummy that most of our male cats possess. It's okay, though, because I still love him. 

The day that he dies is going to be a sad one, because I've become accustomed to carrying him around the house and feeding him when he sits on me and such.

... And to think he nearly died. To read that story included with graphic photos, click this link here.

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