Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dried Plants and Old Snapple Bottles

I love dried plants. Not weeds: the tall, spindly things that swell in the summer and take root in my backyard and leave prickly seeds behind--but flowers. Little plants like sage and brome hay. Sometimes even brambles, depending on how poky they are. I have never ventured to bring them into my house yet, though. My littlest sister sleeps in my room, and I have no shelf high enough to escape her destroying hands.

I would love to keep a few jars filled with dried seeds and flower heads this year. But until I can get the okay to hang a few shelves in my room, this will not happen. 

I started a new crafting project the other day, which is what started this sudden need for dried plants. Also, it is officially fall now, which has made me think of how strange it is that we've come to see the dying world as beautiful.

I'm a huge fan of Snapple Peach Tea, and as a result of that I have quite a few empty glass bottles laying around my room, as I couldn't bring myself to throw them away (that, or I'm just lazy/I completely forgot about them). The other day I dug out my old acrylic paints from another project and started painting them.

I got a little into the photo shoot.

Anyway, I like the bottles. The reason why the orange one is so plain is because the paint glows in the dark. How cool is that? It glows green whenever the light is shut off. However, this makes the paint extremely thin and runny, so I had to paint five coats onto the bottle to get it looking the way it is. I think it's very cool.

You may notice that the blue bottle has the word 'wanderlust' painted at the bottom. Here is the meaning of the word:
A strong desire to travel: "a man consumed by wanderlust".
I thought I'd be like the hipsters of the web of paint it there. Hehe.

Now that I have the bottles, I'm thinking maybe I'll convince my parents to let me hang a little shelf to house them, even though they are cheesy. And then I can get some dried plants to put in them. Yes, I shall do this.

Question for you:

Is there a specific thing that you enjoy about fall? Leave your answer in the comments. I love hearing from you.

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